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Dr.Anusha Reddy MBBS DDVL.

Specialist in Vitiligo(White Patches) Treatment

Dr.Anusha Reddy Skin & Hair Clinic Hanamkonda, Warangal

Vitiligo is a condition wherein white patches develop on skin due to lack of melanin pigment. It is a chronic disorder and generally long lasting.The condition occurs when melanocytes (skin cells that give color to skin) are damaged by body’s immune system.

Vitiligo may start as a small white patch initially then gradually spreading over body in the course of several months.

At Dr.Anusha Reddy Skin & Hair Clinic Hanamkonda, Warangal. Dr. Anusha Reddy MBBS, DDVL is specialist dermatologist, provides vitiligo treatment for major and minor vitiligo, child vitiligo.

Vitiligo usually occurs on hands, wrist, neck, back, lips, etc. She would use very advanced procedures like Punch grafting and Follicular grafting as required to treat the vitiligo.

Dr. Anusha Reddy treatments will help you to reduce your vitiligo severity and disappear gradually. She will use the best suitable treatments, like phototherapy, Excimer laser, and tattooing at the affected area as required for your skin type.

Depending upon the size, number and location of white Patches, an individual treatment plan just for you by our dermatology expert Dr. Anusha MBBS, DDVL, to cure your Vitiligo gradually.

Get the Best White Patches/Vitiligo Treatment, call or schedule your appointment by phone or online today.

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