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Dr.Anusha Reddy MBBS DDVL.

Specialist in Pigmentation Treatment

Dr.Anusha Reddy Skin & Hair Clinic Hanamkonda, Warangal

Pigmentation is the coloration or darkening of a part of the skin. The skin contains a specific type of cells called melanocytes that produces a pigment called melanin.

Depending upon the level of pigment produced, the skin undergoes pigmentation. If the skin produces excess pigment, it gets darker it’s called hyperpigmentation. Many believe that pigmentation is difficult to treat. But with a wide range of advanced skin pigmentation treatment and skin care it can be controlled easily.

Pigmentation can be caused due to sun exposure, hormones, skin injuries or inflammation etc. Dr. Anusha Reddy MBBS, DDVL, is well –known for advanced and successful Pigmentation treatment .

She uses various methods like Chemical Peels, Laser Toning, Medifacials appropriately as per your skin type and the pigmentation type. Dr. Anusha Reddy, the pigmentation expert examines your skin and provide the most effective treatment.

Dr.Anusha Reddy . The pigmentation specialist will examine your dark patches to customise your treatment. To get rid of your dark patches, please book your appointment by phone or online today. We wish you very clear and toned skin, say no to dark patches.

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